What’s wrong with my country?

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There have been many ways I have been wanting to write this post. Extensive research was something I thought was required. The research has been never ending, been altered and opinions have been formed and destroyed in that time. People around me haven’t necessarily instilled the right amount of faith in me of how I have been feeling. All in all this post just needed to come from the heart, from where most things deeply unnerving end up coming from. And somehow being at this somewhat loosely existential crossroad of my life, I feel compelled to just give it a shot.

A couple of years back I had written this piece, which was a result of a rather well made movie on India’s quest to find and kill one of its greatest villains. In that moment, I wrote with great passion and definite belief in what I believed was…

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Good bye dear friends

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Life at time is so cruel, you never know what is going to happen? One moment your loved once are there with you and the next they are taken away. When you meet somebody for the first time, you don’t know what kind of impact that person will have on your life. On 25th May four of my friends passed away in a road accident. I hadn’t met them in last few years but there were so full of life. Knowing those guys I am pretty sure they would be sad, looking at us sad. I don’t want to write about how sad I am, that I lost my friends. There are so many happy memories with these guys. Whenever I remember a friend I have this incident from our past that flashes by which makes me blush. I want to share such moments I had with these guys.


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Things Bong Parents Say


  1. Thanda lege jabe – To the naked or even the many spectacled eye of the Bong parents, you never have enough layers of woollens on. They will not let you out without the muffler or its twin, the monkey cap even in sweltering Kolkata
  2.  Oparaye jas na – If you grew up in a true-blooded Bong household, you were always warned about opara, anything outside 3.14 metres from your house. That is the place infested by dusthu lok. Remember what happened to Mukul
  3. Oma! Ki roga hoye gachis – Everytime you returned after an overnight stay at a friend’s place. And then baba is dutifully dispatched to buy half of the world’s food for you. While mom fusses over how you lost appetite in 8 hours of staying away from home
  4. Amar chele toh kichui khaye na – Who did George Bush blame again for world hunger? He should have…

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